10 Things about Me



  1. I met my husband in a chat room my freshman year of college, yes we were those crazy people, and our first date was to Wendys!!
  2. My Mom and Dad got married on my Moms 18th They have always been my role models for what a marriage should be.
  3. I was diagnosed with 2 cervices when I was 18, part of our infertility issues.
  4. If my Dad had got to name me my name would have been Pinky Lee and my Brother Blue, thank goodness my Mom stepped in and I was named after her labor and delivery nurse.
  5. My first job was at a Beanie Baby Cart in the mall!! I loved it because I could talk to my friends at the mall all day long.
  6. I was in the band in high school, played the flute.
  7. My Son Brooks is named after a little boy at the daycare I worked in during college, who I fell in love with. He had Downs Syndrome and is part of the reason I love working with Special Needs children.
  8. I hate Pizza, yes I am un-American.
  9. My husband is a wrestling coach, as was his Dad, but I had never been to a wrestling match until I met him and now that is how we spend most of our weekends during the winter.
  10. I am extremely shy when it comes to meeting new people, so if it seems I am a little stuck up I am not I just have a hard time with people I don’t know.

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