Creating a Community

One reason for starting this blog is to create a community regarding infertility.  During the journey with infertility I often felt alone as I watched others get pregnant and have children.  Infertility makes you feel broken, alone, and unworthy.  Now lets look at that sentence again – satan makes you feel broken, alone, and unworthy.  Faith Like Hannah is a chance to change our mindset.  We do not want to disregard the pain of infertility, but instead create a community that supports, encourages, and uplifts each other.

We know that it is difficult to watch others get pregnant, but as sisters in Christ and as fellow infertile women shouldn’t we also see the joy?  I am not saying that you are not entitled to your emotions because you most definitely are.  I am just suggesting a community that is able to share the tears and the joys through the journey of infertility.

Imagine dealing with infertility and finally getting your miracle baby, but you no longer have friends around because their pain is too great.  Imagine being in a group regarding infertility and once you become pregnant you are no longer seen as “one of them”.  Imagine going through infertility with no one to encourage you, listen, or share the joy or pain.  A lot of times that is exactly what people with infertility experience.  We want to change that.  We want to share in the joy, pray and support in the pain.  Most importantly to be there for each other as a community.

We hope you will join this community and also help us to reach more people who so desperately need this type of community.

Galatians 6:2
Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.


Why is sharing my story important?

While praying about starting all of this infertility stuff – this blog, the Facebook page, the Facebook group I kept asking myself why is sharing my story important? What will I accomplish by sharing my story? How will I be able to help others?  After a lot of thought I wanted to share with you why sharing my story is important.

Most importantly because God brought me through the darkest valley of infertility.  During this valley I was able to grow closer to God, grow as a christian, grow as a person, and most of all just grow.  God was the biggest support that I had during infertility.  I had amazing friends and family but I decided not to share this valley with all of them.  I hid negative pregnancy tests from my husband, why would I then share with so many other people my hurt?  I was selfish, I made it about me when I should have been making it about God.  God was there waiting for me to turn to Him, cry out to Him, and most of all trust Him.

Sharing my story lets others know that they are not alone.  So many women and couples go through infertility and satan whispers in your ear that you are alone, you are broken, you do not deserve a child.  That is so untrue, but as long as we are quiet and do not share our story then those with infertility will continue to feel alone.  We can come together to support each other and let them know they are not alone, they are not broken, and they are deserving.

Here is the catch to all of this though, sharing your story is important as well.  All of us have not had the same journey, but I bet we have felt a lot of the same emotions.  We have had the same thoughts, we have had the same envy, and we have had the same hurt.  We all should share our stories so that we can help each other!

Will you share your story? Remember your story is important too.